The value of reliability in procuring minerals from all over the world

Bal-Co was founded in 1966 by Mr. Giuseppe Ballarini, whose entrepreneurial foresight enabled him to intercept the demands of what was, at the time, an emerging ceramics industry in Sassuolo. Today, we are a global reference point in the supply of raw materials of mineral origin for use in all kinds of manufacturing industries and agriculture. The company’s core business includes commercialization, under exclusive license for some world-leading brands, and production, to fully meet customer requirements. We are an able and trusted partner that can invest in innovative solutions and offer service and quality with the same reactivity of the markets and the most competitive companies. Bal-Co is an ethical and family company that has founded in its values, mission, and vision an instrument for constant growth for itself, its employees, and for its customers.


Our company grows over time, thanks to determined, responsible people who, with discipline, commitment and team spirit, feeling themself important and useful, make available to customers quality minerals that have been sourced worldwide, processed and delivered according to the production schedule.


We are uniquely people-focused so each member of staff can achieve their best potential in a family-run, ethical environment and instill a strong sense of trust in the customer.

Our values


Energy and courage when transforming objectives into ambitious results.


Managing successes and failures by applying corrective actions and avoiding alibis.


Respect for principles and methods to improve standards and ability to delegate.


Giving and demanding an exchange of values to improve teamwork.


Be motivated and efficient to make work more effective by programming quantitative targets.

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