Capacity, flexibility and cutting-edge technology

Equipment in the production plant have been developed over the years specifically to guarantee customers a supply that never fails to reflect their expectations in terms of product type, standard of quality, uniformity in time, timeliness in delivery and purchase volumes assuring even a small supply. Industrial facilities include grinding and transformation units, for processes which include micronization and the production of compounds.

To successfully serve the market more punctually and increase production capacity, we have acquired a modern alumina ball mill able to attain a grain size of up to 1 micron. In addition to this, a new generation packaging line has been installed with 4.0 technology which fills 5/10/25-kg ultrasonic heat-sealed valve bags a palletizing automatic system, cellophaning and labelling. A long-sighted investment which, as well as improve the quality of packaging and notably increase production capacity, offer us the necessary flexibility to manage a variety of orders including small ones.

Total production capacity

Up to 0 tonnes/hour
Up to 0 tonnes/hour
Up to 0 tonnes/hour
Up to 0 tonnes/hour

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