Achieving excellence through Research & Development

The in-house R&D laboratory is without doubt one of our great strengths. This is where raw materials and finished products are checked, but primarily where new products are sourced and new formulations are also developed making us a true partner in innovation and research. Sourcing minerals across the world has led to developing an attentive and skilled research department that can both observe and fully exploit transformations in markets of origin and use. Bal-

Guaranteeing clients a quality standard is, for Bal-Co, a prerequisite and not a target. The ultimate objective is across-board customer satisfaction, a result that we have always pursued through research and constant improvement in the quality of services and products. Timely deliveries, consistency in material characteristics and dependability over time are absolute priorities.

Since 1998 Bal-Co has TUV certification in compliance with ISO 9001 for engineering, production and commerce of mineral and chemical products for the ceramics, iron and steel, glass, refractory and elastomer industries and for agricoltures (IAF 12, 29)

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